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Self-Sabotage Relapse

6 August
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a perfect circle, adultswim, agnosticism, ak1200, alice in chains, amor fati, anime, aqua teen hunger force, arguments, baby powder, bach, bad jokes, baseball, beatboxing, beethoven, blunt mechanics, borders language and culture, breakdancing, breaking balls, chanel allure, chevelle, classic literature, classy mixes, college football, comfortable shoes, complexity, cynicism, dancing, danny howells, dave seaman, debussy, decadence, deftones, delerium, dialectical reasoning, dieselboy, dj shadow, dnb, drinking, drum and bass, dual-shock, ender's game, energy, enlightenment, family, family guy, final fantasy viii, frank herbert, futurama, gardening, genuine smiles, girl gamers, good crowd vibes, good lyrics, grammar, guilty pleasures, hard bass lines, heavy riffs, hegel, heine, house, hugs from short girls, incubus, irony, jadakiss, jay-z, joint artistry, jungle, k-os, keeping it real, killing terrorists, knowledge vs. wisdom, labrynth, lachrymology, laughing when appropriate, legend, light shows, little league, male bonding, marvel vs. capcom, master shake, maxim magazine, maynard james keenan, mischievousity, muscle cars, my friends, new england patriots, new socks, nice headphones, nietszche, ninja scroll, ou, paychecks, pink floyd, plur, politics, portishead, pro football, programming, progressive house, rabbit in the moon, reading, record of lodoss war, redman, relativity, renaissance art, rpgs, rush limbaugh, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, sealab 2021, sensuality, sex, shinedown, silence, sim city, singing, slacking off, sleeping, snoop dogg, socom, socratic method, softball, spelling, spinoza, steve lawler, stone temple pilots, subconcious, sunday, supporting our troops, terry goodkind, texas rangers, the eternal recurrence, the future, the overman, the past, the princess bride, thievery corporation, tool, trance, tribal house, true love, undershirts, vampire hunter d, video games, vinyl, wagner, watching dancers, web culture, white lies